Monthly magazine of the Federation of NOT Scientific and Technical Associations

30th edition of the Golden Engineer poll

Candidates for the title “Golden Engineer 2023”: Andrzej Targowski, Ryszard Piotr Kowski, Józef Korbicz

Andrzej Targowski

Andrzej Targowski

He miraculously survived during the execution during the Warsaw Uprising. Graduate of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Technology at the Warsaw University of Technology. At the Silicate Industry Design Bureau, where he co-designed the machinery of silicate brickyards, he computerized (1961) the development of the parts and components list (BOMP-Bill of Material Processor system) for the first time in the world (before IBM). He earned his doctorate in economic informatics (1969). He contributed to the popularization of the term computer science in the bestseller “Computer Science. Key to Prosperity” (PiW 1971). He is a pioneer of IT applications in Poland, including. He organized and managed the ZETO-ZOWAR center in Warsaw. He initiated and implemented the IT Development Program – a concept based on Infostrada and Cyfronet and PESEL. He was instrumental in bringing computers to Poland from the US and other countries, and in training some. 5,000. Polish IT specialists in the West. He was the initiator and first designer of the PESEL system.

As a volunteer at NOT, he led the development of the second national IT Development Program for 1971-1975. Relegated by the Commission for the Promotion and Protection of the Environment. He was a member of the PZPR Politburo’s Information Technology Committee, left the country and practiced computer science in France, Great Britain, Austria, Mexico, and since 1980. USA, where he still lives today. He has published more than 50 books and more than 150 papers in the fields of computer science, political science, civilization and philosophy. He has served as president of international scientific associations (International Society for the Comparative Study of Civilizations, Advisory Council of the Information Resources Management Association), the Polish Tennis Association (he was an active player), and the World Council for Polonia Studies. He is the initiator and b. Vice president of the Council of Polish Engineers in Am North.

In 2019. was named Outstanding Pole in Science in the East Coast region by the Chapter of the Polish Emblem Foundation. Honorary president of the 1944 Children of the Uprising Association and the PESEL Association. Awarded, among other things. He was awarded the Knight’s Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland and many medals from polytechnics and NOT. He is a full, life professor at Western Michigan University, where he has educated approx. 12 thousand. IT professionals.


Ryszard Piotr Kowski

Ryszard Piotr Kowski

Medical physicist, engineer. He graduated from the Faculty of Technical Physics and Applied Mathematics at the Technical University of Lodz. He is currently a lecturer at the Medical Center for Postgraduate Education in Warsaw, and until recently was president of the Board of Directors of Lodz Training and Consulting Center Łoś Sp. z o.o.

From 1988 to 1990, Inspector of Radiological Protection at the Memorial Hospital – Polish Mother’s Memorial Health Center in Lodz. Then st. Assistant of the Department of Radiology, head of the Laboratory of Quality Control and Maintenance, head of the Department of Medical Equipment and Quality Systems at the J. K. K. Regional Specialized Hospital. M. Kopernik in Lodz (1979 – 2006).

A member of the Team of the National Consultant for the National Health Service. Radiology and Imaging Diagnostics. In the 1990s. Consultant to the Department of Medical Technology and Investment of the Min. He is the Scientific Director of the Polish group of the international program “Quality Assurance as a Method of Patient Dose Reduction in Diagnostic Radiology” of the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna.

Lecturer at the Technical University of Lodz. Member of the Committee on Radiation Hygiene and the Committee on Medical Physics, Radiobiology and Imaging Diagnostics of the Polish Academy of Sciences (2007-11 and 2016-20). A member of the Expert Panel on the Future of the World. The Medical Equipment Procurement Committee at the Min. Health. Vice Chairman of the Commission for the Promotion of the Environment. External Clinical Procedures and Audits (since 2009).

He is a member of the Polish Society of Medical Physics, the Polish Society of Nuclear Medicine, vice president of the Polish Society of Clinical Engineering, the European Society of Radiology and the American Association Physicist in Medicine. Chairman of the Clinical Engineering Section from 1991 to 2010, since 2010. chairman of the Commission for the Promotion of the Environment. The Commission for Quality Systems and Legislation, and now the Commission for the Quality of Life. Technology and Legislation of the Polish Medical Society of Radiology. He has authored or co-authored dozens of publications: chapters in books, papers, and congress communications.

Despite his professional commitment, he finds time for social activism. He is an active instructor of the Polish Scouting Association in the rank of sub-honor-master. He has earned a yacht helmsman’s patent; rides horses; and is certified as an educator and manager of children’s and youth recreation centers.


Joseph Korbicz

Joseph Korbicz

Prof. Ph. Eng. Jozef Korbicz, an actual member of the Polish Academy of Sciences, began his studies at the Ziel School of Engineering. Mountain. After the first year, he left to study at Pol. The Kyiv Pipe Institute (KPI) at the Faculty. Automation and Electrical Instrument Construction. There he obtained his diploma in Eng. (1976) and after doctoral studies (1980) the degree of Dr. n. technician. He received his habilitation from KPI (1986), and the title of prof. technical sciences. At the Institute of Systems Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw (1993).

Upon his return, he took a job at the College of Eng. (transformed into Pol. Zielona Góra and Univ. Zielona Góra). In 1992. At the university, he founded the Inst. He was appointed Director of Control and Information Systems and became its director until 2024. He was dean of the Faculty. Electrical Engineering (1996-99), Vice Chancellor for the Environment. science and foreign cooperation (1999-2008). He works on process diagnostics with analytical and artificial intelligence methods, process modeling with spatio-temporal dynamics, as well as applications in air protection, nuclear power and the confectionery industry. Author of more than 400 scientific articles, 4 honorary doctorate opinions, author and co-author of 8 compact publications. He is the founder and ed. on. international qq. Science. International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science (since 2007 in the Journal Citation Reports database).

He is actively involved in many scientific organizations country. and international, m. in. as: correspondent member of the Polish Academy of Sciences (2007-20), full member of the Polish Academy of Sciences (since 2020), member of the Committee on Automation and Robotics of the Polish Academy of Sciences (since 1993, chairman in 2015-24); chairman of the scientific councils of the institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences. A member of the Central Commission for the Promotion and Protection of the Environment. The Degrees and Titles Committee (2013-20). Member of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE): Society of Systems, Man and Cybernetics and Society of Control Systems (since 1992), Life senior member (since 2022); member of International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC): Technical Committee on Detection, Supervision and Safety for Technical Processes, SAFEPROCESS (since 1997).

Awarded many state and departmental decorations. Winner of team and individual scientific awards from the Ministry of Education, the Rector of Univ. Zielona Gora and the award of the President of Zielona Gora.