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30th edition of the Golden Engineer poll

“Golden Engineer” plebiscite

The poll for the title of
Golden Engineer of the Technical Review
has been organized since 1994. The plebiscite is open to distinguished engineers and technicians in their communities, whose nominations are presented in the pages of the Technical Review throughout the year, in each issue. In the last issue of the year and on the website, a summary of the year’s candidates is presented, supplemented by selected candidates from previous years. A voting form appears on the website.

Anyone can vote in the poll!

Settlement of the plebiscite and presentation of statuettes and diplomas to the winners: Diamond, Gold, Silver, Distinguished and Young Engineers, is held during a gala ceremony held in Warsaw’s historic House of Technicians. Starting in 2023. The ceremony is being held as part of World Engineers Day celebrations on March 4.

Candidates for the poll can be submitted:

  • FSNT-NOT Main Board,
  • scientific and technical associations,
  • winners from previous years,
  • Golden Engineer Club members,
  • editorial board of the Technical Review.

Regulations of the plebiscite for the title of Golden Engineer

The list of winners of this year’s 30. edition of the poll can be found here:

Congratulations to all the winners!

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