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30th edition of the Golden Engineer poll

Column: The shortcut

The media has recently been reporting on the dizzying career of a drug that helps combat excess weight. The preparation is taking more markets by storm, and its manufacturer, a Danish pharmaceutical company, has reached a stock market value that already exceeds Danish GDP. A few injections and the overweight problem is out of the way? It’s not that simple – information on the new drug indicates that it is indicated for use in combination with diet and physical activity. However, observing the media hype surrounding the peculiarity and its benefits, I would not be surprised if it turns out that many of the potential customers are quietly hoping that after using the peculiarity they will get rid of excess weight without having to exert effort, change their diet or introduce a healthier lifestyle. This attitude is not surprising – after all, we all like simple prescriptions for difficult problems.

I mention this because during the election campaign period we are currently in, politicians from all sides are trying to convince us that they have miracle prescriptions for every problem. Most importantly, these are ideas that do not require sacrifices, difficult decisions or reforms. However, while the aforementioned pharmaceutical companies must confirm the efficacy and safety of their products with years of research, politicians can indulge their ideas without any inhibitions. The problem with housing? Let’s give cheap or free credits. A limping health service? Add another hundreds of billions to an inefficient system, and the problem will solve itself. Low pensions? Instead of introducing solutions to stimulate labor force participation let’s give 13.,14. or 15. Retirement. And to be clear – this is an accusation not only towards the ruling group. The portal and FOR have calculated the cost of past election promises made by leading parties. The total is nearly 740 billion zlotys, and the most generous in declarations so far is the Left. It is difficult in the campaign noise to hear reasonable proposals for systemic changes – the kind that will keep money out of the hole. If someone has such ideas, and – God forbid – they will involve costs to the public, they know that it is dangerous to pull them out during the election period.

Returning to the topic of weight-loss preparations raised at the beginning – honest manufacturers will thoroughly test the agent before marketing it and report that it is effective in combination with a proper diet and physical activity. Internet hoaxers will convince you that their pills containing a magical extract of something out there will allow you to get rid of unwanted pounds in three days and without moving from your chair. Unfortunately, many representatives of our political class more closely resemble the latter group.

Andrzej Arendarski, president of KIG

Andrzej Arendarski, prezydent KIG