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30th edition of the Golden Engineer poll

“Industrial Mazovia” Guide.

The guide, “Industrial Mazovia,” was created through the efforts of the Mazovian Regional Tourist Organization. In addition to 117 described objects, richly illustrated with drawings, maps and archival photos, the guide’s 80 pages offer suggestions for 10 thematic expeditions.

The authors – Rafal Modzelewski, Monika Jarosz – propose the following tour topics:

  • In the industrial heart of Mazovia.
  • New life – spectacular revitalizations.
  • Warsaw-Vienna Railway to Zyrardow.
  • Industrial Prague.
  • On the trail of Mazovian breweries and distilleries.
  • For connoisseurs small and large.
  • Suburban towns.
  • In the footsteps of the transatlantic radio station.
  • Industrial Radom.
  • Biking through the Kampinos Forest.

Not everyone knows that the first heyday of Mazovian industry, by the standards of the time, of course, was at the turn of the eras. The Mazovian Metallurgical Center, much of which corresponds to the area of today’s Western Warsaw District, was one of the largest metallurgical centers of ancient Europe. Another boom of Mazovian industry came with the Industrial Revolution, which occurred during the period of the Partitions of Poland and the time of the Congress Kingdom. The borders of the partitions coincided precisely in the area of today’s Mazovia, and a careful observer will notice the historical influences of various cultures that made their mark in space, economy and culture.

The “Industrial Mazovia” guide invites you to take a tour of attractions that are real proof of the technical genius and passion of our ancestors. For a tour of unobvious and often surprising places, covering the unknown faces of Mazovia.

The guide is available free of charge at MROT headquarters.

Downloadable digital version in PDF format: