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Too slow the idea of a “Closed Circuit Economy” is developing, according to the European Court of Auditors. Between 2015 and 2021, the average closed-circuit indicator for all EU member states (EU-27) increased by just 0.4%. The European Commission’s goal is to double the 2020 value of this indicator by 2030, but the actual indicator has fallen slightly from 2019. Poland is performing particularly poorly, recording a regression here, worries . The 2021 EU rate of 11.7% was higher than the global rate of 7.6%. The Court, in turn, laments that the design of new products does not take recycling into account.

To get the closed loop off the ground, a recycling+ program is needed.

The ground has engulfed a drill rig working to strengthen the ground in Trzebinia. The machine was anchored and properly secured, so once the machine is extracted, the treatment work will continue – assures the Mine Restructuring Company. A stabilizing substance is to be pumped through the 30-meter boreholes. The sinkholes are post-mining damages from the former Siersza coal mine. Liquidators assumed that the voids left after mining would be filled with water. Over time, the water began to come closer and closer to the surface of the earth.expertly reports

If the water had filled the voids instead of coming up, the earth’s surface could have rested on it and the sinkhole would not have been there.

Used car importsare “limping along,” complains The number of registrations of used cars and vans imported into Poland in June this year totaled 67,035 units. This is by 1.7 percent. less than a year ago and the least in nine years. Total imports in the first six months of this year amounted to 385,392 units, up 4.4 percent. less than a year earlier. The average age of cars imported this year is 13 years.

The volume of imports of 13-year-old cars is, as you know, a measure of economic success.

Ukrainian citizens have helped us deal with the crisis, says Less than 900,000. Refugees paid in 2022. nearly PLN 1 billion. From PIT taxes.

It’s already clear why the EU is so stingy with refugee subsidies.

The world’s largest chipmaker, Intel will build a plant 25 km from Wroclaw for $4.6 billion. But the goods will not be produced in Poland, but tested and integrated. Intel will create parts from scratch in Germany and Ireland, complains “In addition, in Germany Intel will build two factories worth a total of about 20 billion euros. Another 30 billion euros will go to Israel, and the Polish government is getting excited about the new plant. Poland will subsidize the investment – the subsidies will reach $1.5 billion, or PLN 6 billion.”

This Intel is sheer waste and mockery, and the government is getting excited instead of demanding a billion for health care.

Residents of the Kalinowa and Future neighborhoods in Sosnowiec are warning of a group of thieves prowling the area. The shaykh is characterized by a specific sign – they leave a jar of soup in front of the door, Gazeta Wyborcza writes. An unclaimed “gift” is a signal that the apartment can be robbed. According to residents’ accounts, the shaykh consists of five women. – They enter the blocks and ring the bell, knock or immediately grab the door handle. When someone opens for them, they ask for food or baby clothes.

It’s a rare case where eating soup saves a burglary.