Monthly magazine of the Federation of NOT Scientific and Technical Associations

30th edition of the Golden Engineer poll

The National Council of FSNT-NOT held a meeting

The meeting of the FSNT-NOT National Council (28.06.2023) began with the presentation of the “Technicus 2023” Awards by President Ewa Mańkiewicz-Cudny and Chairman of the Council Presidium this year Jerzy Klimczak. The “Technicus” competition is organized by FSNT-NOT for the best technical book and the best technical guide.

In Group I, the jury decided to award “Directions and prospects for the development of renewable energy sources” edited by Anna Gawlak (Częstochowa University of Technology Publishing House). “Guidebook for Occupational Safety and Health Services,” by Marek Galuszka (Tarbonus Publishing Ltd.), was recognized as the best technical guidebook. The jury also awarded 3 honorable mentions each in both categories, as well as a special honorable mention for “Polish copper ore mining environmental changes. Monograph selected studies and documents”, author Stanislaw Downorowicz (publisher Society of Polish Consultants, Lubin Branch).

The chairman of the Council presidium then formally opened the session. After approving the agenda of as many as 16 items, appointing the credentials and scrutiny committees, as well as information on changes in the composition of the National Council, adopting the minutes of the Council meeting (30.01.2023) and confirming the legitimacy of the meeting, the delegates proceeded to the substantive part of the meeting. The presidium of the National Council for 2024 has been elected.

Information on the work of the General Board of the Federation since the previous meeting of the Council (30.01.2023) was presented by President Ewa Mankiewicz-Cudny, listing among the important events of the past months, among others: the unveiling in Warsaw (2.03.203) of a monument to Eng. Piotr Drzewiecki, the Polish celebration of World Engineer’s Day, combined with the honor of the winners of the 29th edition of the plebiscite for the title of Golden Engineer of the “Technical Review”, the organization of the following editions: the competition for the best innovative products – Laurel of Innovation, the Technical Knowledge Olympiad and the Young Innovator competition.

In the next item of the meeting, members of the National Council listened to the Report on the activities of FSNT-NOT in 2022: substantive – reported by President Ewa Mańkiewicz-Cudny and financial – reported by Director General Mariusz Płakiewicz. Then the evaluation of the activities of the FSNT-NOT Main Board in 2022 and the report of the FSNT-NOT Main Audit Committee were presented by FSNT-NOT GKR Chairwoman Danuta Kieljan. After discussion, the National Council adopted resolutions on the adoption of the reports and the personal discharge for 2022 of individual members of the FSNT-NOT Main Board.