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30th edition of the Golden Engineer poll

Young, thinking, winning innovators

As every year, the Warsaw House of Technicians NOT held a Gala summing up, this time the 16th “Young Innovator 2022/2023” Competition and the XLIX Olympiad of Technical Knowledge, under the patronage of the Minister of Education and Science.

The national finals brought together those whose works were rated highest by the Central Jury. They performed best in the course of the three-tier competition, whose first school qualifiers began in October 2022. After the “covid” shake-up, competitions of this kind have already recovered, as clearly confirmed by the participation of many schools and the level of this year’s winners, and at the Gala – also by the large presence of patrons and sponsors of both competitions and the prizes donated.

In the footsteps of Copernicus

A pleasant and relaxed atmosphere at the Gala on June 15, 2023. was immediately introduced by the keynote address of Janusz Kowalski, who with a swagger welcomed the youth, accompanying school counselors and guests.

President of FSNT NOT, Ewa Mańkiewicz-Cudny, chairwoman of the Jury, however, pointed out the dignified context of the event – the 550th anniversary of the birth of Nicolaus Copernicus, who, after all, can be considered the patron saint of innovators. Copernicus demonstrated, as is well known, independent thinking and invention by arriving at breakthrough discoveries without sophisticated research and observation instruments. The engineering association movement, almost 200 years old, follows this path seeing the future in the development of technical civilization. In the 16th edition of the Young Innovator, you can see how the participants are keeping up with reality – many of the solutions relate to energy savings, ecology, and the needs of the disabled, for example. All the final works are of a high level and it was difficult to classify them. Ideas are often created in groups, works are collective. – I wish you to recognize what can be the subject of a lifetime’s work, your abilities, employment opportunities, social needs. I wish you to make the right decisions for the road ahead. Also, get interested in the association work that awaits young people – FSNT-NOT President said.

….i Herbert

Constantly accompanying youth technical events, the vice president of the Polish Patent Office, Dr. Piotr Zakrzewski, pointed out to young people the variety of life paths that open up to innovators: There are those who will never come to the Patent Office because scientific discoveries are unpatentable, although it used to be different here too, as evidenced by the example of Marie-Curie, who consciously renounced patents believing that the achievements of science must be owned by everyone. There are also examples of successful patents that have attracted investors and pushed technology forward. Any path is right, the important thing is to choose. Dr. Zakrzewski also drew on the example of Zbigniew Herbert, who traveled to taste the reality, the cultural achievements of previous centuries, seeing this as a kind of path to inspire creation. It is worth looking at the different paths of creators, including inventors, because they were able to get reflections, to stop for a moment. – I wish you a great start to this journey. It is worth thinking about the people who have shaped us in some way. It is worth thanking educators here, initiatives such as these are extremely useful. Institutions play a subservient role to creators. It has recently succeeded in incorporating industrial property protection into the “business and management” core curriculum.

Prizes, diplomas and commemorative statuettes in the Young Innovator Contest were presented by Ewa Mańkiewicz-Cudny as Prze]wodnicząca Jury, Agnieszka Mokrogulska – head at MEiN and Jan Rosiński – Chief Technologist of TZMO S.A. Traditionally, the Association of Polish Inventors and Rationalizers (SPWiR) granted its awards. Diplomas and awards were presented to the winners by Dr. Eng. Michal Szota and Agnieszka Mikolajska. They were awarded to Pawel Komasara and Piotr Seremak from the Tschool Complex. Partisan Division of the Home Army “Jędrusie” in Połaniec for the project “System to improve passenger safety in vehicles during stops – often saving lives” under the direction of M.Sc. Mariusz Zyngier. (picked up by Beata Zyngier).


In the elementary school category: First place – Antoni Jędraszak from the Elementary School in Wierzonka for the project “Petmake – Filamenciarka” prepared under the direction of Ewelina Tyranowska, M.A. In the category of high school: first place – Jerzy Grabowski, Samuel Wiench from the High School in Wierzonka. Salvador Dali in Warsaw for the project “Car lift – an educational kit for learning mechatronics and programming” prepared under the direction of M.Sc. Arkadiusz Kwapisz In the technical school category: first place – Filip Kiełbowicz, Matusz Żuk, Łukasz Pytlowany from Technical School No. 2 named after him. Stefan Banach in Yaroslavl for the project “SEMPER – a device for rehabilitation of the ankle joint,” prepared under the direction of MA Eng. Mariusz Skupnia and M.Sc. Bartosz Nycz Special Award President of FSNT-NOT Tymoteusz Więckowski, Maurycy Mówiński from the Elementary School No. 4 named after him. Adam Mickiewicz University in Kwidzyn for the project “Clothing with a built-in warming system for four-legged dogs – WARM DOG” prepared under the supervision of Izabela Gąsiorowska, MA Full results of the Young Innovator competition at:

Laurels for the press

A long-standing custom of meetings with young people is the promotion of the technical press and the announcement of the results of the Numerus Primus inter Pares 2022 Competition, organized by the Society for the Culture and History of Technology (TKiHT).

In the XXXVI edition of the Competition, the following titles were awarded: in the group of magazines popularizing science and technology – No. 10/2022 of the ENERGETYKA magazine (Problemy energetetyki i gospodarki paliwowo-energetycznej), Publisher: COSiW SEP; honorable mentions were given to: No. 5-6/2022 of the DORADCA magazine (Małopolski Informator Rolniczy), Publisher: Małopolski Ośrodek Doradztwa Rolniczego Karniowice, No. 9/2022 of the AGRO PROFIL magazine, Publisher: Agro Wydawnictwo Sp. z o.o. Suchy Las; in the group of specialized periodicals – No. 8/2022 of the journal GOSPODARKA MIĘSNA, Publisher: SIGMA-NOT Sp. z o.o.; honorable mention was given to No. 4/2022 of ELEKTRO.INFO magazine, Publisher: MEDIUM Group. Diplomas were presented by TKiHT Secretary General Janusz Kowalski and the Chairman of the Jury of the Competition, Professor. Ph. Eng. Czeslaw Waszkiewicz, who stressed the high level of the submitted magazines.