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30th edition of the Golden Engineer poll

In issue 8/2023


The Gordian knot of housing

From prof. Dr. hab. Maciej Cesarski of the Department of Social Policy at the Institute of Social Economy of the Economic and Social College at the Warsaw School of Economics is interviewed by Zygmunt Jazukiewicz


Closer by bicycle?

There are 8 types of bicycles by type of construction and type of design, but as many as 19 by purpose. In EU countries, 22 million bicycles are purchased annually. The European leader in their production is Portugal, with 2.6 million a year, followed by Italy in second place with 2.1 million units. Poland and Germany are still on the podium, with similar production of approx. 1.2 million per year.

Marek Bielski


AI in medicine – challenges and dilemmas

Artificial intelligence is currently a hot topic. He appears both as a positive character and a “villain.” Concerns that it will take jobs away from many workers in many manufacturing and service industries are intertwined with reports of how much its use helps us humans. This is also the case with its use in medicine, where it plays an increasingly important role in patient diagnosis or data analysis.

Lidia Sosnowska

Artificial intelligence won’t do the doctor’s job in making a diagnosis

The use of artificial intelligence in prevention can contribute to earlier detection of diseases and faster referral of patients for appropriate treatment, Dr. Eng. tells “Technical Review.” Piotr Sobecki, head of the Laboratory of Applied Artificial Intelligence at the Information Processing Center-State Research Institute (OPI PIB) in conversation with Lidia Sosnowska.

New technologies in medicine

Printed insoles for monitoring patients’ gait, a dressing for treating hard-to-heal wounds, are examples of solutions presented by scientific teams from several universities during the NTMED Cluster workshop at the Center for Advanced Materials and Technology at Warsaw University of Technology.

MediSensonic microwave diagnostics

The company’s own path of building devices for non-invasive medical and dental diagnostics using microwave technology puts MediSensonic among the pioneers in the medtech market. The groundbreaking solutions being developed at the company are ahead of national and global trends in this field. Electronics engineer Lukasz Pytlarczyk, head of the research and development team at MediSensonic S.A., talks about the implementation of innovative projects in an interview with Jolanta Czudak.


Business based on intangible assets

Stolica eXperiment, is the latest CSR project to receive support from the VELUX Foundation. Its goal is to improve the quality of education for young people from Gniezno and Gniezno County, so that they are prepared to find attractive employment in the world of Industry 4.0. The VELUX Group, a market leader in window manufacturing, has long been committed to society, environmental protection, while looking after the interests of its employees.

Lidia Sosnowska


Development of a drying method for polysaccharide solutions for skin, mucous membrane and nail care products

The article presents a series of research works on the development of cosmetic products for skin, nails and mucous membranes using polysaccharides. The final results of the industrial research yielded optimal and reproducible polysaccharide films for the application of fatty gels for skin care and nail care.

Magdalena Piórkowska, Monika Jabłońska, Aleksandra Kęsicka, Joanna Kasperska, Adam Golabek, 4MASS S.A.

Autonomous parking lot design using sensory networks

The article describes how sensory networks work. It shows how data is transmitted and cites the most popular transmission protocols. He then considers the advantages and disadvantages of such solutions and gives examples of how sensory networks are used on a daily basis. The article concludes with a description of the SensoPark project, which involves using sensors to create a state-of-the-art Internet-connected parking system.

Patryk Migaj, Marcin Kryjom, Jan Kalak, Dr. Paweł Sobczak Academy of Applied Sciences in Konin


Invention and technology exchange: not just drones

The Air Force Institute of Technology celebrated its 70th anniversary in June 2023. But the prehistory of military aeronautical research dates back to 1918, when the Aerial Navigation Section of the Ministry of Military Affairs was established. The development of this modest unit led to a strong research center with 10 facilities equipped with accredited laboratories.

Zygmunt Jazukiewicz

History of technology: The origins of electric lighting

In the previous episode of this series of articles on the history of electrical engineering, I told how the first generators were built and the ability to deliver a large amount of electricity to consumers was obtained, much more than the batteries previously used in the form of so-called “batteries”. Volta stacks.

Ryszard Tadeusiewicz, prof. AGH

Trails of industrial tourism (6): To Tczew via Paris (with Guinness record)

Isn’t there a shorter route? Fortunately, our proposal to travel to Tczew via Paris has, above all – thanks to UNESCO – a symbolic dimension.

Marek Bielski

Museums of Technology in Poland (1): Museum of Industry and Agriculture

The tradition of industry-related museology in the Polish lands began with the creation of the museum back in the period of partitions, in 1875. Museum of Industry and Agriculture in Warsaw, with private funds from the aristocracy and landowners who co-founded it. The museum was established on the initiative of Prince Jan Tadeusz Lubomirski, and the co-founders were Feliks Sobanski, Jozef Zamoyski, Jakub Natanson and Karol Dietrich.

Elaborated. Bronislaw Hynowski

Wine for the engineer (278): Mousses – the perfect companion to a meal

Feature. A time of uncertainty

Philosophy of technical concepts (197): Vacuum cleaner

Candidates for the title “Golden Engineer 2023”: Andrzej Targowski, Ryszard Piotr Kowski, Józef Korbicz


Signals about technology

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 tablet, ZTE MF79U mobile router, JBL Tune Buds wireless dock headphones, Mio MiVue 955WD video recorder

Jerzy Bojanowicz


Joseph Trzionka has passed away

Stanislaw Bolkowski