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30th edition of the Golden Engineer poll

In issue 9/2023


IFA 2023: a new look at humanity

Celebrating its 99th anniversary, IFA, traditionally located at the ExpoCenter City in Berlin, was this time organized by IFA Management GmbH, a newly formed joint venture between the German trade association of leading consumer electronics manufacturers gfu (Gesellschaft fűr Unterhaltungs- und Kommunikationselektronik), which owns the rights to the IFA brand, and Clarion Events Ltd, a British company responsible for its organization.


Remote sensing in forest management and protection

From Dr. hab. Krzysztof Stereńczak, prof. IBL, deputy director of the of the Forest Research Institute, head of the IBL’s Geomatics Department, is interviewed by Jerzy Bojanowicz.


Innovations from Lukasiewicz for health

More than 250 projects worth PLN 700 million have been implemented to date by the Lukasiewicz Health Research Group. These include. innovations in the healthcare system, medicinal products and drug intermediates, innovations in medical technologies, regenerative medicine, additive techniques in medicine and biomedical engineering, and quantum techniques in medicine.

Lidia Sosnowska


Water companies support rational water management

Water companies are the oldest organizations of economic self-government in Poland, which are directly related to water management, especially the construction and maintenance of water facilities and the development of Polish water law.

Waldemar Rudowski, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Association of Water Companies

Elevators and platforms from under a woman’s hand

We beat the competition with the quality and commercialization methodology of The Commpass,” says Magdalena Taras, CEO of Global Lift Poland (GLP). – Gaining a competitive advantage is never easy. It requires meticulous analysis, careful identification of market needs, thoughtful strategy and professional management. Low prices and half-measures are a thing of the past. In providing special services, safety, accountability, sustainability and customer trust are important.

Jolanta Czudak


What will we eat in the future?

Food is a basic human need. It is supposed to provide energy and nutrients necessary for the body to function properly. It should also promote health and have the right taste.

Martyna Jachimowicz

What about this commercialization?

Polish experts have created the world’s first tool for commercializing innovative projects, which solves the problem for thousands of enterprises and R&D centers.

Robert Kazimierski, leader of the team that developed this methodology, is interviewed by Jolanta Czudak.

Online monitoring of water reservoirs

A consortium consisting of an interdepartmental team of scientists from the Gdansk University of Technology, researchers from the AGH University of Science and Technology and the Lodz University of Technology, and the PM Ecology company will develop, manufacture and implement a modular MoReLogg system for monitoring pollution of anthropogenic origin, i.e., generated by human activity.

Adult education – competition for universities

PLN 100 million from the European Funds for Social Development Program will be allocated by the National Center for Research and Development (NCRD) for the development of marketable skills and competencies of employees. In the competition for universities, applications can be submitted from August 30 to November 14 this year.

More information about the competition


We are not short of energy and ideas

The Society of Horticultural Engineers and Technicians (SITO) integrates into its ranks half a thousand specialists in horticulture, landscape architecture, environmental protection and floristry. It is a nationwide non-governmental organization that operates under the Federation of NOT Scientific and Technical Associations. SITO discusses new challenges with Jolanta Czudak, elected for another term, president of the Board of Directors of M.Sc. Elizabeth Kosydar.

Polish footprint in Alaska

FSNT-NOT has been working closely with Polish engineering organizations in both Europe and America for years. In addition to organizing the World Congresses of Polish Engineers (the last one in June 2022 in Gliwice), we try to make sure that colleagues from abroad participate in events in the country, and our representatives take part in ceremonies and conferences organized by Polish associations.


Development of a method for drying polysaccharide solutions for skin, mucous membrane and nail care products – preparation for market implementation

The article presents a series of research works on the development of cosmetic products for skin, nails and mucous membranes using polysaccharides. The end result of the research and validation tests was a care cosmetic with proven performance, i.e. proven effects on the properties and appearance of skin and nails, allowing the implementation of the results in the form of innovative cosmetic products for the market.

Magdalena Piórkowska, Monika Jabłońska, Aleksandra Kęsicka, Joanna Kasperska, Jolanta Łązar, Adam Golabek, 4MASS S.A.

Didactic programming station for programmable logic controllers PLCs

The article presents a didactic workstation for learning PLC programming – simulating industrial automation processes. The workstation allows to create various program configurations in LAD, FPD, STL languages. The article presents the design and components of the workstation, including the EasyE4 Eaton PLC. The workstation allows learning both manual and automatic control, which develops logical thinking and systematizes theoretical knowledge, thus helping pupils and students gain basic skills in designing simple industrial systems.

Dr. Pawel Sobczak, Ph. Robert Cieślak, Ph. Kamil Łodygowski – Academy of Applied Sciences in Konin,Department of Technical Sciences, Mikołaj Kłakulak, Mikołaj Koło, Filip Szafraniak – Zespół Szkół Technicznych in Ostrów Wielkopolski


Museums of Technology in Poland (2). First industrial exhibitions

The establishment of the Museum of Technology on Polish soil was preceded by the organization of industrial exhibitions. The first agricultural and industrial exhibition in the Kingdom was organized in 1821.

Elaborated. Bronislaw Hynowski

Invention and technology exchange: Diamond, platinum, gold

During the 16th INTARG International Trade Fair of Inventions and Innovations 2023 in May in Katowice, Silesian University of Technology researchers delivered a series of impressive solutions and were among the top awardees. In addition to numerous medals, they won the Diamond and Platinum awards of the Fair.

Zygmunt Jazukiewicz

Review of “PT: 70 Years of the EIT Branch of the SEP

Wine for the Engineer (279): Viognier to halibut

Column: The shortcut

Philosophy of technical concepts (198): Pool

Candidates for the title “Golden Engineer 2023”: Łukasz Węgrzyński, Adam Szymański, Łukasz Pytlarczyk



Signals about technology

FRITZ!bOX 5690 Pro router, JBL Authentics 500 speaker, TCL 40NXTPAPER phone, Philips Evnia 49M2C8900 monitor

Jerzy Bojanowicz