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The dream of referrals to sanatoriums is over, dreads The health ministry has halted work on an amendment to the law on spa treatment, which was supposed to revolutionize the operation of spas by leaving the patient to choose which facility he or she wants to go to. This is currently decided by the National Health Service. The patient was to gain a wider range of treatments; waiting lists would be maintained by the sanatoriums themselves; and the obligation of provincial branches of the National Health Fund to confirm referrals would be abolished. It would become possible for facilities to lower their fees to attract visitors with attractive prices.

This is not the end of referral dreams. Rather, about the tea becoming sweeter from stirring.

surprise: after investing in a heat pump and photovoltaic panels, costs and energy bills increased significantly. The government’s limits on energy consumption, after which higher electricity bills are paid, do not encourage the replacement of heat sources with green ones. So far, heating homes with coal, while not an environmentally friendly way, may just be cheaper, concludes

The portal has made a breakthrough discovery of the so-called “The Portal. The meanders of progress.

A dispute has erupted over whether to use names typical of animal products for plant-based foods, the Brussels-based Euractiv portal reports. The crux of the matter is the labeling of alternative products with terms such as “steak,” “sausage,” “escalope” or “hamburger.” Currently, this issue is not regulated at the EU level.

An attempt to ban “vegan burgers” was squelched by the European Parliament in 2020, while France, in an effort to provide more clarity for consumers, banned the use of names associated with meat against plant-based foods, which was in turn protested by the European Vegetarian Union (EVU) and the matter went to the Council of State, which in August this year. has decided to refer the case to the CJEU – Once the Court clarifies whether member states can introduce their legislation on the matter, the Council of State will resume the hearing.

The scale of the problems crushing the EU is superhuman, only the Court can break such a tragic impasse.

Karpacz has become depopulated after the long weekend,” laments the mayor’s deputy in “Wirtualna Polska. And we had hoped that the heavy traffic would continue until the end of the vacation. Downtown, on the trails, in the parking lots, you can see these empties. Accommodations are booked, but restaurant owners are very much affected by the fact that Poles have started to save money. Tourists stock up on groceries at discount stores and prepare their own meals in guesthouses and apartments. They prefer a “box” diet.

The mayor doesn’t know what to do? A receipt from the diner – a ticket to the trail, and no more trouble.

Amendments to the Code of Civil Procedure after September 22 will make it more difficult to release a person over 60. year olds and pregnant women. The court will be able to order the employer to continue hiring until the final judgment. The list of protected is long. However, this causes “headaches” for companies’ human resources departments, because in practice, even for several years they may be forced to continue to employ a person they suspect of, for example, stealing company property, disclosing confidential data, or running a competitive business “on the side,” comments business

What’s up with the dismissal ban, in communist Poland there was an order to hire and we survived too