Monthly magazine of the Federation of NOT Scientific and Technical Associations

30th edition of the Golden Engineer poll

Candidates for the title “Golden Engineer” 2023

Łukasz Żrodowski

M.Sc. Lukasz Zrodowski- a graduate and currently a doctoral student in the Department of Structural and Functional Materials at the Faculty of Materials Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology.

An engineer and scientist working in the field of 3D printing technology and innovative materials used in this technology. His body of work already includes more than 20 inventions that have resulted in numerous patent applications both in Poland and internationally. During his academic career at Warsaw University of Technology, he focused on research and development of innovative solutions for 3D metal printing. The topic of his doctoral dissertation is “Shaping the structure and properties of metallic glass-based composites produced by selective powder remelting.”

While supporting the commercialization of his inventions, Lukasz Zrodowski also serves as chairman of the board of directors of AMAZEMET, a spin-off of the Warsaw University of Technology. The company was founded on the initiative of inventors from the Department of Materials Engineering and the Department of Production Engineering, who took a stake together with the PW Institute of Applied Research. The basis for its creation in 2019. were conducted several years earlier in a student research and development circle. Today, the company is engaged in implementing cutting-edge technologies for 3D metal printing, based on the results of research conducted by Luke and his team. Today, AMAZEMET is a global enterprise offering equipment and technology working in R&D departments, operating in production halls in the US, Korea, China and many European countries.

Lukasz Zrodowski became more widely known during the proceedings of the XVI Engineering Forum – IX Mechanic’s Day, traditionally organized during the ITM fair in Poznan (30.05.2023) under the slogan “Innovative Offer of the Young”. He acted as one of the speakers in the panel debate “Young Scientists’ Offer to the Economy,” which was an opportunity to present the achievements and research projects of primarily young technology developers and the possibilities for their support.

Dagmara Pastuszak

M.Sc. Dagmara Pastuszak graduated from the Department of Biotechnology and Molecular Biology, Faculty of. Nature and Technology University of Opole. In addition, she is a graduate of the Wroclaw School of Banking.

Since the beginning of her career, she has been passionate about implementing innovative solutions into company structures, supporting growth opportunities for companies in various industries. In 2017. She set up her own company called “Entrepreneur Service Office.” The main activity was the co-design of companies’ restructuring plans. In 2020. became interested in the subject of laboratory diagnostics of soggy and saline historic buildings, which are special cultural assets. She participated in the Aquapol Poland CPV company in the establishment of a dedicated research laboratory dedicated to this research topic. She and her team implemented chromatographic analysis of salt ions in building structures, testing the sorption properties of materials in a climate chamber, and determining moisture by gravimetric method. The laboratory is currently preparing for PCA accreditation. Dagmara Pastuszak is also involved in the NCRD-funded project “Radar head for measuring environmental parameters of the building envelope using broadband microwave signals.” Conducting specialized research on construction materials, he directly cooperates with respected specialists from the Lublin University of Technology and the Military University of Technology. The result is the development of a device that examines the moisture status of masonry of different construction in its cross-section in the form of a moisture map.

Dagmara Pastuszak is a member of the Association of Polish Building Mycologists. Currently, he and the Aquapol team are working on a new project to make and implement a measurement system that works on the basis of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to quickly determine the degree of mycological infestation of rooms.

Adam Bisek

He is a graduate of a construction technical school. In 1974. He earned a master’s diploma as a plumbing fitter. Since 1976. runs a business, he is the owner of the company Przedsiębiorstwo Wielobranżowe “Bisek”, specializing initially in the repair of steam boiler rooms and gas networks, construction of water and sewage networks and gas connections. In 1993. Bisek purchased a license for U-LINER’S trenchless pipeline construction and began manufacturing machinery and equipment for pipeline reconstruction and monitoring, as well as gas melting equipment.

In 1994. A. Bisek becomes a shareholder in the MARBIT road company. In 2004. Launches ASKOM Bitumen Plant with its own laboratory.

Adam Bisek is the author of patents, inventor of modern solutions for environmental protection, use of recyclable materials, reduction of vehicular and pedestrian traffic restrictions during renovation of underground infrastructure.

Among Adam Bisk’s greatest professional achievements can be counted the implementation of a modern technology for modernizing tramway tracks, the so-called “tramway track”. A quiet, environmentally friendly streetcar.

Passionate about aviation and aerospace. He holds a pilot’s license for single-engine and multi-engine aircraft. In 2003, on the 25th anniversary of the Pole’s flight into space, he organized a meeting between General Miroslaw Hermaszewski and a group of cosmonauts from around the world, during which the cornerstone was laid for the “Cosmonauts’ House” resort, a hotel and training center for future pilots and flight controllers. In 2018, he established the “Bisek Aerospace” Flight Personnel Training Center, which owns 3 flight simulators certified by the Civil Aviation Authority. Adam Bisek is Poland’s delegate to the United Nations for space development.

He has received awards for his activities: Key to Success of Lower Silesia, Business Icon of Wroclaw, Meritorious for Lower Silesia, as well as the Medal of the Holy Cross. T. Kosciuszko awarded by “Polonia Technica”.