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30th edition of the Golden Engineer poll


Fruit consumers today expect products that are safe and do not leave a carbon footprint. Therefore, fruit growers need to change their way of thinking and adapt production to market needs. In Poland, there is potential to shift from conventional fruit production to sustainable -stated at the conference in the framework of the campaign “Time for sustainable fruit production” of the Union of Polish Fruit Growers, reports green

The imbalance and horror of the carbon footprint scares apple consumers. Instead, they dream of apples with worms at £10 a kilo.

Marcel Dicke, Ph.D ., of Wageningen University in the Netherlands, has found that insects are more efficient at breeding compared to more traditional livestock. It takes about 25 kilograms of grass to produce one kilogram of beef; the same amount of grass can produce ten times as much highly digestible protein from insects. Up to 90% of their body weight is edible, as opposed to just 40%. The consumable weight of the cow.

Why feed insects with valuable grass? It is better to eat it yourself with 100% efficiency.

The new zoning law requires that by the end of 2025. All municipalities have enacted the so-called. general plans. The law introduces 13 types of zones, but what can be introduced into a mpzp in a zone will be determined by regulation. In its current form, this could lead to the elimination of 60% of familyallotment gardens,” complains MP Małgorzata Tracz in an interpellation. Allotment gardens are to be allowed in only 2 of the 13 zones.

And it already seemed that the kamikazes had become a thing of the past. Nothing of the sort; they have appeared again messing with the Allotment Association.

problem with new car chargers is in Europe and Poland. According to the regulation, by 2030, along major routes, fast chargers are to be installed every 60 km, and charging stations for trucks every 100 km. It usually turns out that there is no electric connection in the designated place, (400 kW, and from 2027 it will be at least 600 kW). The Ministry of Climate and Environment has designated 166 such locations. There are no takers for leasing and operating travel service points, or MOPs, because with millions of dollars of investment they have become unprofitable, complains

It’s interesting that gas stations don’t have a pipeline connection either, and it’s paying off. Let the Chinese in, they will send the MOPs mobile energy storage. And they will make money.

bicycle factories in crisis. Sales-compared to the time of the pandemic-declined by as much as 35%, and production from January to October 2023. has decreased by half. Huge amounts of unsold goods are sitting in warehouses. Companies such as Romet and Cross cannot rest assured about the future. Especially since Europe is also in serious trouble,” he worries.

Companies should vigorously resuscitate the Warsaw-Berlin-Prague Peace Race. Who wouldn’t want to take off?

The introduction of a code obligation to use winter tires in the Traffic Law is pointless,” assesses Andrzej Lukasik of the Polish Drivers’ Association. Mandatory use of wheel chains would suffice,” cites. There are good quality multi-season tires on the market. And the chains should allow you to get to higher parts of the mountains safely.

Even better would be the mandatory use of caterpillars, which will revitalize their manufacturers.