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30th edition of the Golden Engineer poll

Height systems used in the surveying practice of the city of Lodz

MA. Anna Bialecka

Lodz University of Technology Faculty of Construction, Architecture and Environmental Engineering,

ORCID 0000-0002-0662-2965


The paper discusses the elevation systems used in surveying and cartographic studies made for the city of Lodz. The origins of the use of the elevation system and the goals of its introduction are discussed, which were driven by the needs of a growing city and changes in the country’s economy – the lack of elevation data and the absence of large-scale maps limited the possibilities of developing a large city. Discussing, in broad terms, the process of establishing a geodetic elevation matrix in 1919. It was noted that this is a time-sensitive activity, but the established geodetic signs, in good condition, can also be used now. Changing the elevation systems in this case requires complementary measurements and the development of an algorithm to transform the systems. On the example of the city of Lodz, the process of transformation of elevation systems from local to PL-EVRF2007-NH is shown. It was also pointed out that from the use of different elevation systems in adjacent areas, difficulties arise in the performance of surveying work, including in the preparation of large-scale maps for the implementation of projects. The obligation to convert data collected in the databases of the State Geodetic and Cartographic Resources in connection with the introduction of the PL-EVRF2007-NH uniform elevation system in Poland has been imposed on the starost, who is responsible for maintaining the resource at the county level.

Keywords: elevation system, local elevation system, elevation system transformation


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