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30th edition of the Golden Engineer poll

In issue 7/2023


Will fuels be neutral? (Part II)

From Dr. Eng. Krzysztof Biernat, prof. PIMOT, Area Leader in the Fuels and Bioeconomy Research Group at the Lukasiewicz-Industrial Automotive Research Network is interviewed by Zygmunt Jazukiewicz


Supply is increasing, but demand is decreasing

– We are very pleased that the home appliance industry is meeting a myriad of environmental requirements, but some of them are dramatic for us because they significantly increase costs. We need to recycle 70% of what is sold, and we can’t always find that many used washing machines or refrigerators on the market. And what to say about heat pumps or photovoltaics, whose lifespan will end in 10 or 15 years, while we need to meet these environmental requirements today? – says Wojciech Konecki, chairman of the board of the APPLiA Association of Home Appliances Employers, in an interview with Jerzy Bojanowicz.

More unites us than divides us

The signing of an agreement on the establishment of the House of Polish-Chinese Journalists, which preceded the deliberations of the Belt and Road Conference, gives new impetus to Sino-Polish relations. The dialogue with media and think-tanks, held at the Chinese Embassy on June 26, was attended by many representatives of diplomacy, journalistic organizations, business and academia. President Xi Jinping’s “One Belt and One Road” initiative, following the idea of the Silk Road, has been the PRC’s flagship economic and international project for the past 10 years.

Jolanta Czudak


Ambassadors of School Invention

Mini USB cleaner, Flavor Suitcase, Cat Carrier and Lawnmower for Everyone are just some of the submitted projects of the youngest inventors competing in the 2023 School Invention Ambassador Competition.

A step into the education of the future

The National Competition “Road to the Future” is the only initiative of its kind to date, supporting secondary schools. The goal was to engage students and motivate them to reflect on what lies ahead. The competition is organized by the Poznan-based Ei-System Sp. z o.o.


Perspectives from Women in Tech Summit

In Europe and Asia’s largest conference (and Career Fair), which is in its 5th year. held in Warsaw, was attended by leading female engineers, programmers, specialists, scientists, entrepreneurs, activists, leaders and start-ups, students and women at the threshold of their careers, as well as men and anyone supporting diversity in the STEM, Tech&IT industry.


(based on Organizer’s materials)


We respond to customer needs

The rePOWDER ultrasonic atomizer from AMAZEMET, which was founded just three years ago as a spin-off of the Warsaw University of Technology, has already conquered Asia, the Americas and Africa. Customers – research units and universities – appreciate the innovative solution created by young Polish scientists.

Lidia Sosnowska

Artificial intelligence helps segregate trash

Although we realize how important it is to segregate trash to protect the environment from further degradation, we don’t always know how to sort it properly. The Polish company Bine has created a smart garbage can, which – thanks to the technology used – will do it for us. The founders of the company, Jakub Luboński and Marcin Łotysz, tell “Przegląd Techniczny” about how the “smartest garbage can in the world” works and about development plans, in an interview with Lidia Sosnowska.

Dissemination of the results of the project “Development of a new generation of polymer material and covers for automotive braking systems”

The company P.P.H.U. Przedsiębiorstwo Tworzyw Sztucznych A.H.A. Tomczak is a manufacturer of polymer products for the automotive industry with over 30 years of experience. The company is a strategic supplier to multinational automotive companies around the world. It has held the specialized IATF 16949 automotive quality management system certificate for more than 20 years, as well as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates from the renowned German certification organization TUV CERT. For many years, PPHU PTS AHA Tomczak has consistently pursued a business strategy of increasing the company’s competitiveness through regular development and investment in innovation and the latest technologies.

Andrzej Tomczak, M.Sc.


The National Council of FSNT-NOT held a meeting

The meeting of the FSNT-NOT National Council (28.06.2023) began with the presentation of the “Technicus 2023” Awards by President Ewa Mańkiewicz-Cudny and Chairman of the Council Presidium this year Jerzy Klimczak. The “Technicus” competition is organized by FSNT-NOT for the best technical book and the best technical guide.


Young, thinking, winning innovators

As every year, the Warsaw House of Technicians NOT held a Gala summing up, this time the 16th “Young Innovator 2022/2023” Competition and the XLIX Olympiad of Technical Knowledge, under the patronage of the Minister of Education and Science.

New OWT formula

The Olympiad of Technical Knowledge (OWT) organized by the Federation of NOT Scientific and Technical Associations will no longer be the same. For almost half a century it has undergone various substantive and organizational changes, but it has always been addressed to both technical and high school students. In recent years, the competition has been held in two thematic groups: mechanical/construction and electrical/electronic.

Jolanta Czudak


Fatigue testing of materials and structural components as an ever-present challenge for the modern engineer

The article presents selected aspects of research programs on fatigue of materials and structural components. Designs of the most commonly used samples are presented. Technical details of conducting tests on finished products (for the automotive industry) are discussed. Advances in fatigue testing were also highlighted, thanks to the introduction of modern optical techniques. Since an equally important part of fatigue testing is the evaluation of structural changes at the micro level, this type of testing is discussed using the example of structural analysis of tests carried out for welded joints made of S700MC high-strength steel, ball attachments and strength bolts.

Ph. Eng. Tadeusz Szymczak, Institute of Motor Transport, Department of Vehicle Approval and Testing

prof. Ph. Eng. Zbigniew L. Kowalewski, Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, Polish Academy of Sciences, Department of Experimental Mechanics

MA. Adam Brodecki, Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, Polish Academy of Sciences, Department of Experimental Mechanics

Dr.-Ing. Katarzyna Makowska, Military University of Technology, Faculty of Mechatronics, Armament and Aeronautics


“Industrial Mazovia” Guide.

The guide, “Industrial Mazovia,” was created through the efforts of the Mazovian Regional Tourist Organization. In addition to 117 described objects, richly illustrated with drawings, maps and archival photos, the guide’s 80 pages offer suggestions for 10 thematic expeditions.


The sky overhead. Summer without sensations

After a very capricious spring in terms of weather, we were yearning for summer like few others this year. At this time of the year, we all look forward to more serene not just days, and especially night sky lovers also hope for cloudless nights. It seems that we most often associate summer with not only the warmest, but also the longest days of the year. Nothing could be further from the truth, for with the beginning of the astronomical summer, which this year began in our hemisphere on June 21, the period of lengthening days and shortening nights ends, and the reverse process begins, slow at first, accelerating over time.

Jan Desselberger

Trails of industrial tourism (6): Modern Viking offensive

What is the unquestionable cultural code of modern Scandinavians? Of course, everything related to the Vikings!

Marek Bielski

Monuments of Polish technology (5): The longest road bridge

The construction of Poland’s longest road crossing over the river was an interesting development along the A1 highway. The record-breaking bridge in Rozgarty near Grudziądz over the Vistula is 1953.6 meters long, with an overall width of 34, 7 meters. The bridge has two-lane roadways for each direction of traffic.

Elaborated. Bronislaw Hynowski

Wine for the Engineer (277): Brandy de Jerez (2)

Column: Entrepreneur’s Day

Philosophy of technical concepts (196): Material fatigue

Candidates for the title “Golden Engineer 2023”: Teresa Bilińska, Przemysław Polechoński, Eugeniusz Turyk



Signals about technology


Marek Bartosik